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In case of Corona and the fact of being not allowed to travel, the topic of online training gets more and more actual. If you are interested in personal training I provide live coaching Face To Face. 

or you can follow my different training sessions with my own dogs until Mars 2021 "My way of training" on facebook so its like a filmed training of myself, I would give you an option of silent auditor for 35€/ 1 month or 55€ for 2 months on next no Iban BE83 0013 8159 1915. 




Live meeting Face to Face

Are you stuck in your step-by-step plan or training? Then this option is recommended.

Online lessons can be in groups of max 3 teams or individually. You can book this in our online agenda:

What can you expect:

  • Online live appointment for 60 minutes for an exercise(s) of your choice.

How do we proceed?

  • Make an appointment in our aganda
  • Max 3 topics

What do you need:

  • good internet connection,
  • anti-slip floor or carpet so that you can safely perform the exercises.
  • Put your mobile phone or computer in a good position so that I can see the dog properly ;-)
  • Test everything in advance ;-) 

Private coaching - 1 to 1

  • 1 x private live appointment Face to face: € 70.00

Private Coaching package 5 consecutive lessons once a week.

  • Total of 5 online live appointment Face tot Face  
  • Frequency: Once every 2 weeks or once a month.

          (Price € 325 - Payment of the full amount is made in one go.)