Dogz Devotion Academy Team





Elke Boxoen 

Elke her passion for animals started on the farm where she grew up. After 25 years of working with dogs and horses, Elke has specialized in relationship based training between dog and handler. She enjoyed many training with modern hands-off techniques.

Dogs have become more than a passion for Elke, they are also part of professional life. A few years ago, the dog dancer started a training center "Dogz Devotion Academy".

"An academy to train the trainer"

You can go there for sports coaching, puppy guidance, support with problem behavior, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Osteopathy and all kinds of interesting courses. "Whether you are doing Dog Dance, obedience, agility or detective work, a good relationship with your dog is the foundation of everything"

Elke Boxoen and her Dogz Devotion Academy provide high-quality training to coach the handler and his best friend, the dog, into a fully-fledged team, both in a family context and in sports and top sports.

She puts her knowledge and experience at your disposal as a multiple world champion, top athlete, entrepreneur, but also as a regular housewife to realize a completely harmonious team for you and your dog. A close bond based on self-preservation, safety and appreciation.


You can contact Elke for:

  • Well-being advice
  • Specialization Team coaching.
  • puppy guidance.
  • Motivation & Focus game.
  • Sports / mental coaching.
  • F.C.I obedience
  • Dogdance Freestyle and / or Heelwork To Music
  • Choreography (DogDance)
  • Hoopers
  • Clicker training



Rik Willaert

Canine Physiotherapist and Osteopathy

Rik graduated as a laureate in human physiotherapy in 1985. Later he followed the training for human osteopathy, and specialized in osteopathy and physiotherapy for dogs and horses.

Today Rik takes care of the check-up of the recreation and sports dog, rehabilitation of dogs with osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia and other orthopedic and neurological disorders.